Like most pedal builders, I got started due to my deep and unending love of gear. I've played music for almost thirty years beginning with violin, and started my guitar journey over twenty years ago. My very first pedal I ever had was a Brassmaster, and ever since then, I have had The Bug. In fact, my take on the Brassmaster is our very first release, the Greenseer!


I grew up in an era of the internet where knowledgeable people hung out on forums, sharing circuits and secrets. This is where most of my inspiration comes from. Obscure, out-of-production (or never-seen before) effects rooted in a DIY ethos, and vintage gear lost to the sands of time. We stand on the shoulders of giants.


My focus is to create effects that are highly versatile, usable, and utilitarian for modern musicians, that aren't afraid to also get weird and gnarly. These are for the psychonauts, the intrepid sonic explorers, and the everyman experimenters.