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Greenseer Hypervintage Fuzz

Greenseer Hypervintage Fuzz

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A fuzz made for sonic titans and explorers. Using the same vintage transformer as the original, this octave harmonic tone generator is as unique as it is useful. Based upon the venerable and vintage Maestro Brassmaster with some modern conveniences, the Greenseer excels on bass and does very interesting things to 6-string guitar.

On bass, it runs the gamut from slightly-wooly warmth to all-out doom apocalypse, and might be the only bass dirt you ever need. A specially-designed circuit ensures that you don't lose lows and retains clarity of signal while wrapping your bass tone in a fuzzy, ripping tone jacket. Tired of muddy bass fuzzes and losing your low end? This is for you. 

On guitar, the Greenseer is a whole different beast. At its core, it is a vintage fuzz in the spirit of the sky (wink). It can spit, oscillate, and squeal on solos with the best of them. However, it works great stacking with other dirt, especially into overdrives, and almost immediately goes to heavy territory when doing so. Think of it as a fuzz enhancer for the rest of your dirts! 



Gain: the overall amount of "dirt" coming from the Greenseer. Formerly known as the "sensitivity" knob on the original circuit. 

Bass: This functionally acts as a dry signal volume, adding your preferred amount of overall instrument signal to the front of the circuit. Fully clockwise, this lets through all the thundering lows of a bass guitar. 

Volume: This is the master volume of the circuit (and is not present in other known-to-me versions of this pedal). Adds a decent amount of output gain past unity to the pedal, so use wisely. 

Color: This is more or less a wet signal volume knob, adding the overall Greenseer fuzz effect to your signal. Fully off will also mute the circuit. This can be dialed in with the Bass and Gain knobs to get a variety of different gain structures. 

Filter: This adjusts the voicing of the Greenseer. Setting 1 has more midrange and a bit more "bite." Setting 2 is smoother and lower gain. 

Harmonics: This adjusts the amount of harmonics produced by the circuit. Setting 1 is less, 2 is more. 


Other Information:


Pedalboard-friendly 1590BBS (tall) enclosure. 

- Rainbow holographic sparkle on black powdercoat

- Relay bypass footswitch (silent switch)

- 9V center-negative DC power ONLY

- Comes with goodies, velvet bag, and a stamped box. 

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